Wega Urban Electronic EVD2UR (2 group) Espresso Coffee Machine – Matte Black




Modern lines, cutting edge technology, the ability to adapt to any need. These are the characteristics of Urban, the latest creation from Wega, inspired by our designers and now a reality thanks to the efforts of our R&D team. Professionals who have skilfully interpreted the demands of a constantly evolving market, based on an ongoing dialogue with selected baristas from across the world.

The result is a machine with a distinctive, “urban” story inspired by urban design. In keeping with the movement’s philosophy, Urban aspires to a systematic, multidisciplinary approach to design in which attention to aesthetics does not detract from functionality and sustainability. Urban not only adapts to its setting, it enhances it and makes it more efficient thanks to its own unique style.

Available Colours:

  • Grey H368
  • Total Matte Black

Optional pre-order of Wi-Fi management packet to allow remote control


Wega Urban Electronic EVD2UR (2 group) Espresso Coffee Machine Brochure

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Machine Groups

2 Group Espresso Machines

Machine Type

Espresso (Electronic)