Victoria Arduino Eagle One – 2 Group – Traditional Espresso Machine




Victoria Arduino Eagle One – 2 Group – Traditional Espresso Machine

A unique barista deserves a unique coffee machine.

Eagle One is born in response to the new generation of coffee shops where DESIGN, PERFORMANCE, and SUSTAINABILITY are determining factors to create a pleasant and memorable experience.


  • The NEO engine uses an instant heating system with a unique insulation mechanism, that reduces not only the heat dispersion but also energy consumption. It works almost instantly, allowing only the necessary amount of water for the extraction to be heated, thus reducing energy-related costs.
    Productivity and performance remain high, but consumption is considerably reduced. The LCA* (Life Cycle Assessment) demonstrated how the Eagle One had a 23% less environmental impact concerning the same category machine.
  • T.E.R.S.
    the patented TERS system (Temperature Energy Recovery System) uses the waste water to pre-heat the incoming water, applying
    recycling and waste minimisation logic, with a saving of 8% on the total consumption of the machine.
  • Easycream the technological solution to obtain, every time, the same milk cream, simply and quickly.
    Easycream technology has a double wand that creams the milk and stops automatically as soon as the pre-set levels of temperature and milk cream have been reached. This is an extremely useful solution for speeding up the preparation of milk-based drinks, without loss of quality (optional).
  • Easy to customise
    Eagle One is extremely easy to personalise and it can adapt to different types of setting, from the most classic to the most glamourous and pop. The machine was designed to use an ever-increasing number of colours and also various types of materials, both natural, like wood, and technological, like steel, resins and aluminium.

Product specification:

  • Power: 5000 W
  • Cup warmer: 400W
  • Voltage: 230/380V
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Net weight: Kg. 69
  • Gross weight: Kg. 83
  • WxDxH: 75.8 x 57.6 x 43.7 cm
  • Cup warmer size: 33.6 x 66.7 cm
  • Group height: 43.7 cm
  • Steam Boiler: 7 Litre
  • Coffee Boiler: 0.14 Litre

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