Iberital Expression Pro Black Inox Panels (2 Group) – Fully Automatic – Stainless Steel Back Panel – Electronic Espresso Machine


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EXPRESSION PRO | Pro Black Inox Panels (2 Group) – Fully Automatic – Stainless Steel Back Panel –  Electronic Espresso Machine


The result of more than 11,000 development hours, EXPRESSION PRO is a stunning centrepiece for high street chains, speciality coffee shops and any high-volume outlet.

Its dual boiler system means better temperature control for higher quality drinks, with one boiler delivering optimum coffee within very precisely defined parameters, whilst the other handles steam.

Thermal insulation, auto-water detection and automatic low power mode until the boiler is full. Reduces energy consumptionbenefit.

Once powered up, the Pro offers baristas a large drip tray for easier manoeuvrability when brewing espresso and an improved visibility gauge for more effective steaming.

Topping off this fantastic machine is the ability to control numerous key features via the colour touch screen; dose programming by time or water volume, advanced ‘All Group Head’ cleaning, programmable schedules for each day of the week with auto on/off and much more.

The new Expression Pro from Iberital is their most beautiful and precise machine yet. Baristas control every aspect of the coffee brewing process, from dosing to water temperature to automatic cleaning, with complete precision, allowing for consistent coffee, time after time. Featuring the same double boiler system as the Expression Two, the Pro also features the ability to automatically monitor both coffee stockholding and the maintenance requirements of your machine, meaning more time than ever before to focus on what matters most – making great coffee!

Product features

• Brand: Iberital
• Groups: 2
• Colour: black
• Size: standard
• Coffee boiler size: 3 litre
• Steam boiler size: 8.4 litre
• Coffee boiler element: 1000W
• Steam boiler element: 3000W
• Back panel type: stainless steel
• Dimensions: H: 485 x D: 602 x W: 845mm
• Automatic filling of boiler water
• LED backlit workspace
• Colour touchscreen with intuitive menu
• Easily removable front panel
• Includes 2 filter holders, blank basket, 57mm Iberital tamper, group head cleaning brush
• Also available: 3-group
• Also available: white
• Also available: alto size
• Also available: LED lit back panel

240 cappuccinos per hr
380 espressos per hr
40 litres of water per hr

Iberital Cup Height Clearances
Model Single Filterholder Double Filterholder Bottomless Filterholder
Expression & New Ladri 78mm 78mm 118mm
Expression & New Ladri Alto 113mm 113mm 153mm
Intenz 82mm 82mm 122mm
Intenz Alto 109mm 109mm 149mm
IB7 85mm 85mm 125mm
IB7 Alto 115mm 115mm 145mm


Typical Take-Away Cup Heights
Size Height
7oz 86mm
8oz 92mm
12oz 110mm
16oz 135mm
20oz 160mm


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Machine Groups

2 Group Espresso Machines

Machine Size

Espresso Machine – Standard

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Espresso (Electronic)