Faema Faemina – 1 Group (Tank Fed) Espresso Coffee Machine (Classy Black and Grey)




Faemina Classy – 1 Group (Tank Fed) Espresso Coffee Machine

Timeless in any location. The sleek design, combined with top-quality materials (aluminium and steel) and 100% Made in Italy manufacture make this machine a timeless work of art that is built to last. The choice of different finishes, from the classic elegance of black and white to more
sophisticated polished aluminium and satin-finish copper, makes Faemina perfect for any environment.

Faemina brings the most advanced technologies from the professional world to the home & small business segments:

  • control of extraction temperature;
  • double boiler (one boiler dedicated to coffee and another to services);
  • energy-saving boiler insulation;
  • exclusive system with integrated softener filter in the water tank to ensure not only proper maintenance, but to guarantee the best in-cup
  • quality for every drink (compliant with WBC and IEI standards).

Specifications and features

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  • Double heater: for the best coffee brewing and steam regulation
  • Refillable front water tank: to facilitate the “Plug&Play” function
  • Wide beverages menù: Espresso /
  • Filter coffee / Tea / Infusions
  • Autosteam (optional): for a perfect frothing of the milk, automatically
  • Tray Up&Down: to adapt to different cup sizes depending on the beverage
  • Energy Saving: the machine is ready to brew after 5 minutes and automatically stays in stand-by mode after 10 minutes of non-use (adjustable in the machine settings)
  • High-quality beverages and correct machine maintenance: softener and second refill included in the packaging
  • Be Faema App: complete control of the machine parameters, remote assistance and dedicated coffee lovers community
  • Voice Recognition: for a better smart home experience

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  • Size and Weight:
    • 37.7×51.7×41.3cm
    • 35.2 Kg
    • Depth (support feet distance) – 31.4cm
  • Dual Boiler:
    • Coffee boiler: 0.6L
    • Service boiler 2.6L
  • Group temperature control: Display or Be Faema App
  • Capacity Refillable water tank: 2.5
  • Electrical:
Heater power – Steam Boiler: 1900W-230V
Heater power – Coffee boiler: 1300W-230V
Voltage – Single-phase: 220-240V 50/60Hz
Installed power: 2 – 2.4kW
  • 10A

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Faemina Technical Details

Faemina Brochure