Expobar EX3 (3 Group) Tall (PID Display) Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine (Black)




Expobar EX3 (3 Group) Tall (PID Display) Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine (Black)


The EX3 is an attractive and extremely versatile professional espresso machine. Featuring a smart design concept, It can be easily customized -and manufactured- through the combination of a wide range of different options, both external (number of groups, colours and finishing, lighting, etc.) and technical. Thus, the EX3 is aimed to suit any kind of business with an espresso demand, whether it is a small café or a big coffee shop chain.

Ergonomics and user experience have been also key on this project. Following Crem espresso standards of performance, the EX3 features CREM highly tested technologies in order to deliver a superior in cup quality. As a result, a revolutionary concept that takes a step forward in the espresso manufacturing sector.

The EX3 was named a winner of the prestigious IF Design and Red Dot Awards 2020, within the product design category.

Main USP’s & advanced features

  • Optimized and stylish design line
  • Wide range of external and technical customizable options
    Crem’s highly tested hydraulics, including:

    • 1/2 rotatory knobs
    • Cool touch wands
    • Improved drainage solution
  • Ease-of-servicing

Options & Paid Extras

  • Keypad: Control or Display (PID controlled)
  • Group height: Standard or Take Away (High group)
  • Pressure gauge: Single or Double.
  • Steam / Levers and HW controls: All available in black, white or wooden (oak, walnut) finishings. Extra wand (except Mini 1GR)
  • Colours: A wide range of colour and combinations available.
  • Body covers: Oak, walnut, brushed aluminium
  • Barista lights.
  • Hidden feet
  • See brochure for full details


EX3 Brochure

EX3 Product sheet


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Machine Groups

3 Group Espresso Machines

Machine Type

Espresso (Electronic)

Machine Size

Espresso Machine – Standard, Espresso Machine – Tall